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China's mould industry's new features
   In recent years, the technological level of China's plastic moulds have made great progress, but also further strengthen the independent innovation ability, and many made good grades and performance in the mould close to the level of similar foreign advanced mould, and has started exporting to Japan, Europe and other mould technology advanced countries. Mainly in the following areas:

1, the surface coating technology to improve the plastic mould life.

    By PVD or CVD method in the mould parts surface coating layer with high hardness of the coating (such as TiN, AlTiN, CrN, DLC, etc.), can reduce the movement parts of the coefficient of friction, improve wear resistance of parts, thereby enhancing mould life . PVD coatings can also be used to produce plastic products with high corrosion resistance, mould prevention of corrosion failure, and enhance product stripping ability, smooth surface protection products, so more and more plastic mould began to use the technology.

2, hot runner technology, auxiliary gas (water assisted) moulding and other advanced technologies have also been more widely used.

   Mould hot runner technology can improve productivity and quality parts, and plastic parts can be substantial savings in raw materials and energy conservation, so the technology is widely used in plastic mould is a major change. In recent years, with the hot runner systems become more sophisticated and the quality of plastic products and output of the rising, hot runner moulds in the country at an annual 40% to 45% growth rate rapidly growing popularity. At the same time, domestic hot runner suppliers are rapidly growing, Shenzhen, there are only a dozen hot runner manufacturer. In a recent introduction of national occupational standards for mould work requirements from the start of senior workers can grasp the hot runner injection mould installation and adjustment of the gap of knowledge, but also shows the importance of China to the hot runner technology.
   Gas-assisted injection moulding in the premise of ensuring product quality, significantly reduce costs. Currently in the automotive and appliance industry to gradually promote the use of Chiang Kai-shek. Gas-assisted injection moulding process than the traditional ordinary injection more process parameters need to identify and control, and the more commonly used in large and complex products, mould design and control difficult.

3, mould companies to increase investment in hardware, but also pay more attention to improving the design, innovation.

   In CAD / CAM technology is popular at the same time, CAE, PDM, CAPP, KBE and other advanced technology more widely, CAD / CAE / CAM integration technology to develop, and achieve better results. CAD / CAM technology has developed into a more mature and common technology, the modern mould companies, just using CAD / CAM is not enough. In the 3D plastic products and mould design, more and more enterprises to adopt a 3D CAE analysis technology to optimize injection moulding process, reduce the cost of test mode, reducing manufacturing cycle and improve the quality of the mould design.
    In recent years, mould the new structure, new products, new processes, new materials, innovations continue to emerge, increasing the number of patents. Must rely on imports of the previous two-color injection moulds, stack moulds, etc., can now make domestic mould companies.
China plastic mould industry, after years of sustained high-speed operation, although the level of mould and total production has rapidly increased, but still can not meet market demand, compared with foreign advanced level, there are still a large gap.Dependent on imports of high-grade plastic mould of the phenomenon is still very serious.
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