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China mould development

China's mould industry not only export around the world, imported from the previous first-line mould main cities throughout 23 cities, indicating the overall strength of China's mould industry stronger. Import and export driven economy as one of the troika, China's mould industry to get long-term development in the import and export on to win the initiative, the focus is to develop China's own export capacity of enterprises, especially private enterprises.

1, the state policy to re-train.

One hand, foreign investment, private giving equal treatment in taxation policy to listen to the voice of the industry. Much attention to the automotive industry before the mould import motion, proposed taxation not in accordance with the standards of "b-class", "wheelbase" and "displacement" to divide, but according to price, that are imported die if the production more than 30 million vehicles, it is recommended to give duty-free, or pay taxes. This motion for a number of low-quality moulds in domestic production, is certainly conducive to the development of domestic industry, may wish to reference.
    Training a number of other key national key enterprises. Years of development makes China mould manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, some have approached or reached the international level, has been published in 95 Chinese enterprises list of key mould contains both the Chinese automotive panel die of keyenterprises, China's large precision plastic mould of key enterprises, key enterprises in China die casting mould and other categories of enterprises, but also includes the Chinese plastic profile extrusion die of key enterprises in China special glass mould mould of key business enterprises, small class, play a "leading" role.

2, the development of cluster production.

Mould City (park, gathering production base) and the Alliance for the majority of die mould companies provide multi-faceted services. As the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Information Promotion project of SMEs an important part of the mould industry service platform for small and medium enterprises - SME Lean die industry R & D service platform construction project description will start on the real economy in the country, targeting small and medium enterprises to establish service platform forms a specific form of services, park construction will help to enhance the level of small and medium sized mould company, public information service platform will be faster development of its services and enhance the productivity of the general role of SMEs will be more apparent.

3, the development of high-end machine tools and equipment, actively respond to the demand of high precision

Mould products to more large-scale, more sophisticated, more complex and more rapid economic direction, the mould produced in China is also increasingly have a greater benefit. Luo Baihui that import and export of the battlefield, we are still in a passive, at a disadvantage, to change the mould industry, starting with exports to start to establish their own export industries are people, in order to get rid of the fate of the foundry, master trade initiative .
   Moulding parts and components increasingly large-scale high-productivity requirements of a multi-cavity, a few tons to hundreds of tons of mould is very common, a mould cavity hundreds or even thousands of cavities. Therefore, the machine requires a large work surface can withstand the weight, which requires the device must have a large load-bearing characteristics and high rigidity, there must be large enough table size and corresponding work schedule. In addition, the mould cavity space for six more for complex surfaces and grooves of the composition, and many die with a deep cavity, which requires multi-axis machine with deep cavity and good overall cutting ability, to achieve the 3d surface high-precision, high speed and high reliability processing.

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